Bad Time Tracking Apps

From You don't need a steam engine to be more efficient on the job. (unless you're digging the panama canal) Fortunately, there is a time tracking app that might do the job just as well. Listen to the women trying to convince their boss to get a new time tracking app. They want one manager to consider the possibility that a better timesheet could reduce human error, and another manager that it could be better than the old fashioned spreadsheets. Nothing seems to work.

Woman 1: When’s our next break?

Manager 1: 18 hours

Woman 1: What if I showed you how to be more efficient with something called Standard Time?

Manager 1 (woman): A new steam engine to make these machines go faster?

Woman 1: No, for time tracking and project management. We could work less hours

Manager 1: What do you know about modern time management? Back to work!

Woman 2: I know it saves admin time and reduces human error

Woman 3: Better than the old-fashioned spreadsheets and paper time cards we use now

Manager 2 (man): Trouble over here?

Woman 1: Just saying how efficient this place is. Have you lost weight, sir?

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