New functionality

  • Added INV-BUILD scan to build an inventory bom from scanned items
  • Added INV-CHECK scan to check an inventory bom for all items in it


  • Show Project Task icons for non-admins who have rights to see them
  • Calling “Condition” and “Rule” scripts for required scans
  • Calling “Can log time” script when scanning project task names
  • Refresh filter tree when a project folder property choice changes
  • Time log Notes panel now uses word-wrap and a single vertical scrollbar
  • Added “Parent” column to inventory records
  • Added “BOM item names” to inventory BOM records

Bug fixes

  • Fixed exception when checking “Completed” checkbox for subprojects
  • Fixed CSV import where line 1 contained field names with commas
  • Fixed time log notes not appearing after ST restart with floating notes panel
  • Fixed multi-line custom field error when clicking dropdown button

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New functionality

  • Database updates for “Required Scans” scripting


  • Added “Can log time script” property to Project Tasks, but not enabled yet

Bug fixes

  • No Bug fixes

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