SEO experts usually work for a lot of clients. And the time spent on each client website is huge. That’s why Standard Time® is important. You only have so many hours to make a web property perform. You’ve got: •Social •Blogs •Back links •SEO tuning •And a lot more

So… are you tracking SEO hours with Standard Time? No??? Then how do you know how much time you’re spending for each client? Click to download Standard Time now! 

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You may think twice about having employees track time right on the shop floor. Especially welders and metal workers. You ask them to sit down in front of a computer and start hunting and pecking on a keyboard and they’ll look at you like you got three eyes.

Look at the guy on the right here in the video. He’s got a barcode scanner in his hand. If you put Standard Time® and some barcode scanners out on the shop floor those guys can walk right up to those scanning station without even touching the barcode scanner. Slip in their barcode labels, like they do in retail outlets, start and stop timers right there on the shop floor.

You will collect time for all your work orders, jobs, projects, the tasks that are being performed and materials being consumed. So you will be now be able to look up on a big screen, at a work in progress screen, see where your jobs are at, how many hours have been worked on them and when they might be completed.

Standard Time is a great tool for the shop floor so that you don’t have to have people sitting in front of a terminal computer trying to figure out all the menus and drop downs and choices. You just scan and go. Very nice little choice.

Standard Time is a great product for the shop floor and manufacturing.


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New functionality

  • Added Projects “PO” property
  • Added Subprojects “PO” property
  • Added Subprojects “Text 1”, “Text 2”, and “Text 3” properties
  • Added “Toggle timer” for barcode rules, saving scan into “Text 3”
  • Filter by “Text 2” and “Text 3”


  • No Improvements

Bug fixes

  • Fixed cloud filter tree “Item name” repeatedly adding names as child items
  • Fixed cloud filter tree “Item name” filtering
  • Fixed a few time zone conversions to user-selected time zones



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