Ever hear the term “Work in progress” or “Work in process?” Of course you have! If you’re in manufacturing, you know exactly what that means: Jobs and work orders on the shop floor right now. Did you know Standard Time has a dashboard for work in progress?

It sure does! We call it WIP. So when you hear me say WIP, think Work In Progress. Let’s start with the Home All Views, Work In Progress icon, in the Standard Time cloud site. This dashboard lists all the jobs on the shop floor. These are the ones your employees are working on right now.

Recognize these? Of course not! Because this is the cloud test site, and these jobs are just examples. But your jobs will show up soon enough. That is, if you’re on Standard Time. And how, exactly, will your jobs show up? Let’s go over to the “Scan Barcodes” page to find out. Your employees will scan barcodes on this page to start and stop timers. Those timers represent jobs in progress.

You may have multiple employees on a single job. You may even have whole departments on a single job. Or, employees working on multiple jobs at once. When employees scan job numbers here, WIP adds it to the list. Older jobs fall off the bottom; newer jobs appear at the top. See how that works? Pretty nice, huh?

Think of this as an airport “Arrivals” and “Departures” screen. That’s WIP for manufacturing. It always has the latest info. It’s always up to date. Some shops display the WIP dashboard on big-screen TV’s so everyone on the factory floor can see the most up-to-date status.

That’s a whole lot better than shouting across the shop floor, “HEY, WHERE’S MY STUPID JOB?” Instead, everybody just looks up at the big screen… and there it is… your stupid job… right on top! Hey, give WIP a try the next time you’re in Standard Time. You’ll love it!

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New functionality

  • Added “Test order”, “Days”, and “Result code” to overtime rules
  • Added “Hours landing on holidays” to overtime rules


  • Added “Overtime rules” to Time Logs, Admin right-click context menu
  • Open modal dialog to edit report section scripts because they can be long

Bug fixes

  • Fixed report bug where some footers did not draw at the end of a grouping

From https://www.strdtime.com This video serves as an introduction to the Project Tasks Calendar on the Standard Time® cloud site. Here you can see that I have a tab open and that tab shows a years’ worth of tasks. I can scroll through and see the months of the year upcoming for all the tasks. I have this choice selected here. Of course, I could click month, week and day and so on.

You may be wondering where project tasks come from and what are they used for? Well, let’s start by going to the Home (All Views) and click Project Assistant. Here you can create a new project and some tasks. What can you do with those tasks? Well, that would be up to your own purposes. But you can scan them on the shop floor, you can display them in a timesheet for employees to fill in time. They can represent a project management plan where you are looking out into the future for engineering or other employee activities where you plan to perform certain tasks.

Clicking on anyone of those shows the properties on the right-hand side. And some of those properties, including the start, finish, duration and so on will affect the calendar. Which is what this video is all about.

We’re looking at a years’ worth of tasks. You may see on any particular day there are more than one task. You can click the little bubble there to open up a menu to see all the tasks on any particular day. You can click the month view to see an entire month, week or day. Cycle through those days or through those weeks or months and then click today to come back to today. I’ll click this button to show an entire years’ worth out into the future for planning purposes. You can go and click on any one of these, drag and drop them. Resize, change their duration, change their start and finish all from the calendar view.

You may also notice in Home (All Views) there is another icon called Resource Allocation. When you click that you will see a bar chart showing the amount of work allocated to each resource out into the future. Here we’re looking at the next 60 days for an employee named Buzz. You can see on any particular day that he is under allocated with the yellow bars, over allocated with red bars or correctly allocated with green bars. These again represent the work planned out into the future for a particular resource, in this case named Buzz.

All of that information comes from this list of tasks. The starting date, the finish date, the duration and the actual work that has been performed. So that you can see how much work is left to do on any particular time segment. The calendar, of course, allows you to then drag and drop tasks into different days or to simply view them by year, month, week, day so that you can maintain those tasks for project management.

Very quick overview there of how to use the Project Task Calendar in the Standard Time cloud.

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From: http://www.strdtime.com Boss: You buried a front loader and left it there till spring? That was on rent for 50 grand a day. Foreman: It may still be there but whatever… We needed something to fill the hole. Boss: I gave you Standard Time® for your projects. Did you track your time and budgets? Foreman: I gave everyone a 10 week paid vacation and brought in another crew. But a shoring box collapsed on them. So I hired more to replace the cripples.

Now we have jousting matches with the boring machines.

Boss: Are you still using the track hoe as an amusement ride?

Foreman: The guys all love it. It got 900,000 views on YouTube.

Owner: I wish I had 50 foreman like him. He brings in snake charmers and everybody loves it when they get bit.

Boss: Are you crazy? Standard Time says your project ends in 2085 and it’s 19 Trillion over budget.

Owner: What’s Standard Time?

Boss: Your project software. Look at your computer. Standard Time www.stdtime.com

Owner: Relax its all government funded anyway.

Boss: He says you can bring in the circus entertainers anytime. eye roll

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New functionality

  • No new functionality


  • Web Edition: ADDTIMER status shows second scanned job instead of the first

Bug fixes

  • Windows Edition: Fixed “cannot set value” error on “Specific records” page

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