From Standard Time barcoding is hot in manufacturing.

Here’s why: Manufacturing efficiency is all about time and cost. So we give you the tools to make that happen.

1. Barcode scanning, to learn how long your processes take

2. Project tracking, to learn which jobs, tasks, and products consume the most time

3. Project budgets, to see when you’re about to blow through estimates

Click to try barcode scanning and project management tools in your manufacturing shop. Get it at See more at:

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  • Web Edition: Improved barcode scanning error reporting
  • Improved barcode “ADDTIMER” prompt message because it was confusing
  • Web Edition: Hide more icons for non-admin users, so they can’t access admin pages
  • Web Edition: Allow timesheet cells to start editing when clicked, for quick entry

Bug fixes

Fixed “Permission to View Data” where the last username could not be unchecked


  • Added timesheet submit, approval and rejection status to Timesheet options menu
  • Web Edition: Allow timesheet options menu to open even if no timesheet cell has been selected
  • Improved Pay Period display and database queries for recent or relevant pay periods
  • Filter timesheet by Favorites (check your own list of projects to view in timesheet)

Bug fixes

  • xx

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