• BC Stand-alone app: Pop up message when an unrecognized scan occurs
  • Windows Edition: Improved icon appearance in filter tree (at left side of main window)
  • Only show projects that are available to the logged-in user in filter tree (left side of window)
  • Web Edition: Hide more ribbon icons for non-admins
  • Enforce more User Rights to prevent unauthorized creation of records like projects and tasks
  • Renamed some User Rights for clarity
  • Added ACTIVATEJOB and DEACTIVATEJOB scans to set the “Active” property for a project
  • Added “Start Timer” column to Project Tasks page to start a timer with one click
  • Added “Today”, “This week”, “Last week” columns to Users page for dashboard of logged hours

Bug fixes

  • Entering hours into a timesheet filtered by another user now creates time logs for that user
  • Fixed time log rounding update exception error, specifically when moving calendar items
  • Windows Edition: Fixed time log calendar exception related to image names

From Worker 1: Let’s go fellas! The project manager has task warnings now! Worker

2: What are task warnings?

Worker 3: Keep yacking and you’ll find out

Worker 4: Emails when tasks take too long. They’re using Standard Time® now.

Worker 5: They got task links, project triangles, and resource allocation

Worker 6: It’s a modern operation, with timesheets and project management

Worker 7: Not like the old days!

Worker 8: Standard Time changed everything

Worker 9: We’re in the machine age now!

Worker 10: Life is so easy. Only fifty more today!

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